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José L. Martí

José Luis Martí (Spain, 1940) is an award-winning author of fiction and built a distinguished career in academia at the Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, NJ, where he worked from 1974-2008 and was an honorary member of the classes of ’84, ’87, and '95.   He was professor of  literature and language, Head of the Language Department, creator of the school's Study Abroad Programs and honored with the Masters Award in 2009. He was in possession of the Wilbourn S. Gibbs’ 27 Chair in Languages from 1986 to his retirement in 2008.

Since then, he has been working on various literary projects and began interviewing intriguing subjects for the Borges and I & [   ] project in 2018.

AWARDS/ PREMIOS                                                                                                   

Poética, short fiction.  First Prize, XXXV Certamen Literario Internacional Odon Betanzos Palacios.  New York Latin-American Writers Circle, 2001.    

El De Soto de Rita Hayworth, short fiction.  First Prize, Hucha de Oro Awards, Madrid, CECA, 1991. (Spain).   Adapted into the Screenplay Rita Hayworth’s DeSoto. Selected reading for People & Stories (Gente y Cuentos)    

Última voluntad: Lambada, short fiction. Finalist, Hucha de Oro Awards, Madrid, CECA, 1990.  (Spain)         

Fernando Rey, Short Fiction. Adapted into the short film El Actor y don Quijote, grant from Henry Woods. University of Alicante, 1990

Con el uso de la palabra o Yerma liberada, play. Honorary mention, Linden Lane Literary Magazine, Linden Lane, Princeton, 1985  (US) 

Member of the Jury, Hucha de Oro literary award for Short Fiction, Madrid, CECA, 1992


Professor of  Spanish Language and Literature, Head of the Language Department, founder of the Study Abroad Programs, the Lawrenceville School 1974 - 2008

Postgraduate studies in the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures, Princeton University, 1976 -1977

Masters in Spanish Language and Literature, Middlebury College, 1976

Tenured professorship, Nazareth School of Alicante, Spain, 1967

Bachelors in Teaching, Normal School of Alicante, Spain, 1960

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